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I am Renee Towers, 17 years old from Ohio United States of America. I was raised up by a single mother who was a missionary before she died. My mother was running a ranch in the Caribbean before she died

I am passing through a lot of financial problem due to death of my mother. Before her death she willed her properties to me but had instructed the bank management that before the money will be released to me that I must get to the age of marriage or present my husband or a guardian being a (woman /man) to the bank before they can release the money worth $6.9 Million United States Dollars to me.

I saw your data on the net and I was ministered in my heart to contact you to help me out with this. All I want from you is to stand as my guardian and get the money transferred into your account and then I will come over complete my education. I will also love it if you can manage/invest my inheritance for me until I can be able to manage or invest the fund properly.

I have been assaulted and beaten several times. My uncle raped me some months ago and threatened that if I tell anybody about the rape that he will make sure that I suffer and that he will make sure I do not get anything from my mother's estate. He is an evil man and I believe he can do what he says he can so I am scared and have been suffering within. I am deeply troubled and some times I want to run away but don't know what to do. He is well connected here and is a friend to the mayor and some officers in the police here. Please you have to help me get out of the situation I am in now. I have no one to help me here and I am going through a tough period.

Please reach me on both emails below

Best regards
Renee Towers

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