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Re: Commission Due For Payment

How are you?
I wish to take this opportunity to inform you that one of our contractors that my Boss helped to secure and facilitate a contract here in Iraq has received his contract payment and wants to compensate my Boss for assisting him. My Boss cannot receive the money in his bank account here in Iraq due to his position as the Minister of Finance, as his bank account is monitored on a regular basis by the government. You know that before assuming a position in office, all government functionaries are compel to declare their assets. In lieu of this, any money that enters my Boss's bank account apart from his regular monthly salary must be accounted for and it is illegal for any government official here in Iraq to participate or influence contract procurement. It is as the result of this that we are appealing to you to receive my Boss's commission from the contractor and safe-keep it until he decides on what to do with it thereafter. You will take 10% of the total money that you will receive from the contractor and keep the rest for my Boss. If you are interested to assist my Boss, please forward your direct mobile phone number to this email address so that we can pass it to the contractor to enable the him contact you and transfer the commission to your bank account immediately. I expect to hear from you immediately.

Best Regards
Eng. Hussein
Mr. Hoshyar Zebari
Minister of Finance Iraq
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